Asked Questions

There is more value in experience than in inexperience. It is true that you will want to do up the interiors of your apartment to your taste, but since we have worked on a number of projects, we can provide solutions which may not have occurred to you. Since our USP is “customization”, you have only to benefit from this.
A. Since our work is customized, you can purchase as little or as much help as you wish. When you consider the vast experience of our qualified team, you can actually save money by eliminating costly errors or wasted time while hunting for products. Since we work only with good quality materials, you will benefit in the long term also as you are getting materials and services that are worth its money.

B. Also we are very very competitive in terms of pricing for delivering a good product.
A. We have a brand name which is registered

B. Also, we are a SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT for all your interior requirement & to get the interiors completed before you can take possession of your apartment. This is not the case with outside agencies.
A. The earlier, the better. Though the actual execution can be undertaken only when apartment is ready, discussions for the same can start in advance to avoid any oversight while executing.

B. We also need time to come up with CONCEPT – DETAILED DRAWING & 3D IMAGES Which help us to know everything before we start with the work execution at your apartment or villa.
A. D INTERNATIONAL DESIGN has a whole team of designers, estimators & evaluators, supervisors, quality controllers, contractors to get you a turn-key job in place. We do not require you to monitor any work that is executed by us on your behalf.

B. Plus you get a dedicated designer who will be your single point of contact & who will be involved in designing & execution of your apartment / villa.

C. We have a policy of keeping the client updated with work progress on site with the help of photos, once every 5 to 6 days.
A. We can finish the work in 45 days also provided if everything is finalized by the client & availability of selected materials.
In case of any Civil work, Duco work or Veneer work we might need one week in addition.
We will specify actual time required once we understand the actual scope of work at your respective apartment or villa.
A. We do provide 3D Views generated by google sketchup
A. We try to understand what the client requires and accordingly furnish a tentative ballpark estimate.This is more of a guide to understand the requirements of the client.

B. But since the materials available are so immense in range and costing, an actual estimate is furnished once the client has finalized on design & made a selection of materials to his or her liking. This then might vary from actuals by a max of ± 5%.
A. We provide enough and more detail to clients before he actually registers with us and have managed in most cases to convert them into ongoing projects. However, if after receiving all the details such as drawings / 3D or estimate, the client wishes to withdraw, this registration amount is not refundable.
A. 18mm Commerical Ply for all the Furniture units EXCEPT FOR KITCHEN & WASHROOM UNITS we use BWR Ply (Boiling water resistant)

B. 19mm Commerical Boards are used to in making all shutters as they do not buckle. EXCEPT FOR KITCHEN & WASHROOM UNITS we use BWR Boards (Boiling Water Resistant).

C. Hinges for all shutters are of Hettich / Hafele make.

D. Drawers Channels are of Hettich / Hafele make.

E. Kitchen Baskets – Hettich or custom made baskets depending on requirement.

F. All interiors of furniture is finished with 0.8 mm laminate.

G. All exteriors of furniture is finished with 1 mm laminate of any company which client makes a choice. Eg. – MERINO / CENTURY / ROYAL TOUCHE etc.

H. Edges are finished using “REHAU” company edge binding (PVC) – this finish is done with site Carpentary work & to achieve Modular look & feel.
ONSITE WORK is better as all furniture cut Plywood pieces are all fixed for once for all there is no chance of furniture units to shake or give away if moved.

MODULAR WORK is not so recommended as all furniture cut Plywood or MDF pieces are fixed using "minifix" or L Clamps which can be susceptible to shakes over a period of time.

However we can also provide modular Furniture for our clients if they insist.
A. Just give us a call at 9986 566 599 / 9986 022 464 and we will take you through the procedure.

Or write to us on [email protected]